With nearly 70 years of demonstrated experience in producing high-quality components and assemblies, Charter Wire has long been a market leader for valve spring retainers, valve keys, valve spring seats, and synchromesh sliding keys. In addition, we offer several value added options including kitted valve keys and valve spring retainers.

Commitment to Quality

We are certified to IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. Charter Wire has received many customer awards for on-time delivery, innovation and world-class quality.

Vertical Integration

Charter Wire is a member of Charter Manufacturing Co., a privately held company that includes Charter Steel, and Charter Dura-Bar. This fully integrated supply chain not only ensures Charter Wire uninterrupted supply of raw material, but offers engineering and metallurgical support throughout the manufacturing process ensuring only the highest quality engineered components reach our customers.

Research and Development

R&D at Charter Wire is constantly studying engine valve train dynamics to enhance our ability to develop optimized components for modern engine systems. New instrumentation development has enabled us to measure dynamic forces in rotating engine heads to see how our product functions in the engine environment. All the data is processed through a state-of-the-art data acquisition system. We can also view these events using high speed videography to increase our understanding of valve train systems.

In addition to the engine dynamic work, the R&D department performs benchmarking and metal forming studies in support of our product design and manufacturing departments.

Value Engineering

We support our customers with an array of engineering, product development and prototyping services that compress development cycles and improve quality, value and functionality. We provide engineering assistance from concept and pre-production prototypes through ongoing production requirements.