Value Added Services

Custom Finish or Temper Options

Charter Wire offers different finish options along with custom tempers for cold rolled steel. Our 200,000 square foot facility includes dual zone nitrogen/hydrogen annealing furnaces, and due to our fully-integrated steel supply chain, we are able to source steel for you with the proper balance of raw materials to achieve the desired results in your end product.


  • No. 2 Regular Bright Cold rolled finishes Standard
  • Other finishes available, please inquire your specific needs


  • #1 Full Hard (as cold rolled)
  • 5 Dead Soft (annealed at finish)
  • Custom tempers (in-process anneal)

Testing Capabilities

Our team of technical experts can perform thorough material testing to ensure your product meets your exact specifications. Charter Wire has an in-house Quality Lab to provide the evaluation, testing, and documentation for your project.

Quality Assurance

Additional Services