Cold Rolled Steel vs. Hot Rolled Steel

Compare the Advantages

Cold rolling steel results in a more aesthetically pleasing and superior mechanical finish compared to hot rolled steel. While hot rolling steel at times, may be a less expensive process, it can create more variability in the finished shape or profile; often times coupled with higher minimum order quantities. So while there may be some upfront cost savings, if the rod needs to be machined into a custom shape, hot rolled steel can actually cost more over the lifetime of the project.

Cold rolled steel offers the ability to shape bar or wire with little variability and uniform mechanical properties before it arrives at your facility, which can save you time and money. Custom shapes or profiles can be rolled in the bar or wire with accuracy to +/- 0.001” (+/- 0.025 mm). This process further hardens the steel, increasing tensile strength by up to 50%.

Finally, cold-rolled steel comes with a smooth and visually appealing finish, without the blisters, scale, and scars found on hot rolled steel bar and wire. This makes it the ideal choice in any situation where the steel structure is visible and requires high strength.

See the Difference

Compare cold rolled steel pricing and benefits against other steel manufacturing processes: